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What is UZURV-Ur-Pitch?

UZURV-Ur-Pitch is a fun and exciting event that leverages UZURV’s technology to bring venture capitalists directly to entrepreneurs.


How will it work?

In partnership with RVATECH, Venture Forum RVA, and Activation Capital, UZURV-Ur-Pitch will run from approx. 10am to Noon on Thursday July 27, 2017.

Nearly 20 Venture Capitalists or Angels will be located in several different coffee shops throughout the region during the two-hour event. Entrepreneurs from around the city will pre-register at rvatechjam.com and identify the approximate region where they’ll be the morning of July 27.

RVATECH will assign Entrepreneurs a 15 minute meeting time slot between 10a-Noon. To confirm the meeting, the Founder will make a travel reservation through the UZURV app to and from the meeting location/coffee shop.

In case of high registration volume, meetings will be determined based on a lottery. Organizers will make every effort to connect all interested Founders with a VC or Angel, but NO guarantees.

Which of Richmond’s Venture Capitalists are Participating?

Karen Booth Adams, Hot Technologies
Bryan Bostic, Spanish Mosh Holdings
Brad Cummings, Startup Virginia
Dan Henderson, CIT Gap Funds
Paul Nolde, NRV
Cody Nystrom, SJF Ventures
Satya Rangarajan, Enlightened Capital
Brian Carney, Harbert
Brock Saunders, Summit Action
Paul Singh, Results Junkies
Michael Copty, Silicon Valley Bank
Tom York, H5 Solutions


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