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Richmond is a vibrant community of technologists, innovators and change agents. Recognizing and supporting these talents is essential to our success as a community. Join us to our panel of hear the stories of 5 undercover entrepreneurs who are helping to make Richmond a sustainable innovation ecosystem.




Melody Short (small business Director at UnboundRVA, a local non-profit that empowers talented individuals from low income communities with a path to entrepreneurship)


Enjoli Moon (Marketing and social media specialist, film curator, and founder & creative director of the Afrikana Independent Film Festival, specializing in creating platforms for filmmakers of color so that they may share their stories with world)

Chris Dovi (trains and supports teachers to teach computer science in schools from kindergarten through graduation. Also works as an advocate to education leaders and state policymakers, seeking to ensure that every Virginia child has access to computer science education)


Mary Arritt (Co-founder, COO, Director of Community Engagement and Programming at Build, RVA, a Community Makerspace & Product Incubator, is an entrepreneur’s and tinkerer’s playground designed to foster innovation. Build provides members access to equipment, tools, engineers, scientists, carpenters, professional mentors, classes and speaker series to learn and experience product ideation, prototyping, validation, manufacturing and commercialization.)


Hamilton Glass [UNITY Street]


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