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Building the Digital Dominion: Making Richmond the Computer Science Education Capital.

Just about all jobs in today’s workforce require some knowledge of computers. Yet, across the United States, few children are being taught even the basics of computer science. That was certainly the case for Virginia until a few years ago with the founding of CodeVA.

Thanks to the advocacy efforts of CodeVA, Virginia has became the first state in the nation to pass sweeping Computer Science education reform. The law mandates that every Virginia child will receive access to essential Computer Science literacy – to include coding – from Kindergarten through graduation.

And although those efforts are outstanding, more must be done to ensure Virginia’s classrooms are Computer Science classrooms. Join CodeRVA for lunch and a discussion on moving past the ‘old Dominion’ and building a new ‘Digital Dominion.’ Richmond is primed to be the nation’s capital for computer science education. Learn how you can contribute!


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