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The  “Salon for Entrepreneurs XIV,” will take place on Thursday, July 27th at Main Street Station RichTech’s TECHJAM!

Arnold Kim, Larkin Garbee, Chris Wornom, Paul Spicer, Art Espey, Jay Paul III, Tiffany Jana, Carroll D. Hurst, Bryan Bostic, and Phil Conein would like to invite you to join a small gathering of Richmond-based entrepreneurs and startups.
“Salon for Entrepreneurs” is a social event and designed to spark ideas and good conversation in an intimate setting. Our goal is to share resources and push our entrepreneur community forward. We invite interesting, thought-provoking people willing to share and learn. Our attendees define their success in many different ways and they like to share their desire to create, build, and innovate with others. Our guests are leaders, Investors and Innovators. They are all interesting, and they are all thought provoking people who are in our ecosystem. This is how a Salon is formed.
They’re no entrance fee, no secret handshakes, no speakers, no sponsors, no open mic, and no fundraising. It’s networking. Leave your ego at the door. Don’t worry; you’ll get it back when you leave.

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