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Virginia’s First Smart City Initiative: TechJam may be the ‘digital’ intersection of technology and innovation, but Gramercy is the ‘physical.’


22 Capital Partners, a venture builder and private equity company, in partnership with the Center for Innovative Technology and the George Washington University will lead development of an ecosystem to create smart city technology, education and innovation in Virginia.

Gramercy District is the first “smart city” in the state and one of the first in the country. The goal is to merge technology with real estate to deliver unique experiences and enhance quality of life. Gramercy District will create an environment that continuously adapts to meet the needs of business partners and guests who are working, living, shopping and playing in the smart city. The vision is the Gramercy District being a model for the new standard of living.

Join the Managing Partner at 22CityLink @ Gramercy District, Minh Le, to learn about how this initiative is evolutionizing every aspect of the way people live. Whether you are a real estate developer, small business, international company, local government, citizen, software developer or a student, they have developed a suite of products that empower you to do more.

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