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Pancake & Capital Stack: How to Become an Investor


In the state of Virginia, our largest investor is the Center for Innovative Technology, a state-funded, quasi-agency. We love CIT and are grateful for them, but believe it’s time for Richmond and Virginia to up it’s game.

Have you considered becoming a small-business or startup investor? Not sure how to get started or who were to network? 25 members of Richmond’s Venture Capital Stack from Angel to Investor will lead small table discussions where they will: share their story and how they
became investors, what were their obstacles, and what they know now they wish they knew then

Remember: This is an opportunity to learn about becoming an investor. This is not the time to pitch ideas or ask for funding.

Join these Investors for Breakfast:

Karen Booth Adams, Hot Technologies
Bryan Bostic, Spanish Mosh Holdings
Brad Cummings, Startup Virginia
Dan Henderson, CIT Gap Funds
Paul Nolde, NRV
Cody Nystrom, SJF Ventures
Satya Rangarajan, Enlightened Capital
Brian Carney, Harbert
Brock Saunders, Summit Action
Paul Singh, Results Junkies
Michael Copty, Silicon Valley Bank
Tom York, H5 Solutions


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